Writing Skills
Writing can be learned. You can write from scratch by learning from the beginning like Outline, Beginning, Characters, Conflicts, Dialogs, etc. Come and see what skills might help you write better here.
Writing Themes
What themes are trending? What makes them popular? How to write these hot topics? How to write a hit story? Find out the answers here.
Class 1: How To Prepare An Outline
Discover the essential elements of an effective outline.
Class 2: How to Design Characters
Learn the secrets to crafting captivating characters with compelling emotional arcs.
Class 3: How To Write A Beginning
Discover the essential elements to focus on when crafting your opening pages.
Find sparks when writing a story
This course teaches how to find the sparks when writing a story. And turning sparks into ideas will be explained in the next one. So keep paying attention to the channel to get more writing tips.
Turning sparks into ideas for your story
When start creating a new story, having a fantastic idea is the first thing to do. This course teaches you how.
How to design characters for your story?
A good story needs good characters. Although a good plot is required to keep a reader flipping the pages, it is ultimately the characters that the readers fall in love with that keep them reading. The more attractive your characters are, the more popular your story will be.
Determining the Main Plots
It is especially crucial for beginners to have a synopsis before starting stories. They help writers comb through their thoughts, and make sure that they do not steer away from their path during the writing process that is to come.
Determine Secondary Plots
Do you want to make readers immerse themselves in your story?The detailed plot, which is also called the Secondary Plot, is the key!If you want to attract more readers, you should never forget the Secondary Plot.Now, come and watch the video, you will get the keywords of the Secondary Plot!
Three Act Sturcture
A good synopsis should not only have good plots, but also a good structure to organize them.This video introduces the classical - THREE ACT STORY STRUCTURE.
How to Write A Story Opening
The importance of a strong opening is self-evident, but it is often the most difficult part of a book to write. Even if a writer has written an excellent synopsis, they may still experience the "first line dilemma."This video provides you some tips of creating an attactive opening.
How To Create An Initial Outline
"Sometimes, an idea pops up in my mind, but I don't know how to write it out."Does it sound like you?Today's course will show you how to create an initial outline with only a few original ideas.
How to Design Characters?
Have you heard about OOC before? Are you distressed about designing characters? This course will apply theory and examples to show the process of designing characters and the logic behind it.
How To Write The Beginning
After outline and characters, what’s next? Writing the first chapter!
How To Overcome Writer's Block
Writer's block could impede your writing for days, weeks, or even months.This course will provide some tips for you to overcome writer's block technically and emotionally.
How To Design Conflicts
Stories without any conflict are dull and flat. Conflicts are like hooks. With them, the story will become alive and more tortuous and exciting. Watch the video and find out how to design conflicts.
How To Create Dialogue
Dialogue is a conversation between two or more people as a feature of a book, play, or movie. In this course, we will talk about the functions of dialogue and how to write and improve dialogue.
How to Create the Description
Do you know before reading the first chapter, many readers start reading with the description? If it is attractive, readers are more likely to read the whole story. Today, we will focus on the description and learn to write a brilliant description!
Tips on Becoming a Contracted Writer
A brief introduction about the process of applying for a contract, Stary Writer Benefits, and online writing competitions. Meanwhile, this course will provide you some advice about how to communicate with editors.