Introduction to Stary Writing Academy III | Episode One
Welcome back to StaryWritingAcademyIIIWe've got some new and exciting content for you.
4 Hot Themes for Stary Writing Academy III | Episode Two
In this episode, we'll introduce the 4themes we've handpicked for this course and for the contest:0:00 Introduction0:17 Girl Power1:01 Fall for a Billionaire1:45 Dare to be a Teen2:36 LGBT+3:39 Next Episode Preview
Girl Power - "Kickass Heroine Fiction" | Episode Three
In this episode, we're gonna get an overview of "KickassHeroine Fiction", the perfect embodiment of "GirlPower":0:00 Introduction0:16 Main Features1:42 Spot an Imposter2:04 Writing Tips2:39 To Recap3:04 Next Episode Preview
Girl Power - Mainline #1 "Chasing Her Apollo" | Episode Four
Gender role reversal is so much fun. In this episode, we're exploring the "ChasingHerApollo" trope, a mainline in our "GirlPower" theme:0:00 Introduction0:21 What makes a "Chasing Her Apollo" story0:51 Reference Plots1:26 Writing Tips2:40 Next Episode Preview
Girl Power - Mainline #2 "Rebirth of the Heroine" | Episode Five
If you can pick a different life, would you do it? In the "HeroineRebirth" trope, a mainline in our "GirlPower" theme our heroine gets a second chance:0:00 Introduction0:16 What makes a "Heroine Rebirth" story0:41 Reference Plots1:53 Writing Tips2:56 Next Episode Preview
Fall for a Billionaire - Mainline #1 "Redeem Ex-Lover" | Episode Six
He wants her back, but how can he be trusted again? Learn how to write stories about the prodigal billionaire regaining the affection of an exlover 0:00 Introduction0:17 What makes a "Ex-Lover Redemption" story0:56 Reference Plots1:53 Writing Tips3:15 Next Episode Preview
Fall for a Billionaire - Mainline #2 "Billionaire Romantic-Suspense/Thriller" | Episode Seven
When passionate romance is mixed with the suspenseful and thrilling elements, we get an exciting story that's popular wth all audiences0:00 Introduction0:18 What makes a "Billionaire Romantic-Suspene/Thriller" story1:14 Why we ant these stories1:9 Reference Plot3:07 Writing Tips4:27 Next Episode Preview
Dare to be a Teen - "Young Adult Fiction" | Episode Eight
YAfiction is the perfect genre for the young and the young at heart, the youthful energy and free spirited exploits of young adults captures the imaginations of us all and is popular with onlinewriters 0:00 Introduction0:39 Main features1:22 Spot an Imposter1:56 Writing Tips2:15 The Ryland Boys by Devils_Assasin3:36 The School Bully by Louise M.5:04 Next Episode Preview
Dare to be a Teen - Mainline #1 "Meet My Hybrid Girl" | Episode Nine
The heroine in our fantasy story is a hybrid teenage girl who dares to venture into a supernatural world in this YAfiction0:00 Introduction0:20 What makes a "Fantasy Hybrid" story0:46 Reference Plots1:48 Writing Tips2:55 Next Episode Preview
Dare to be a Teen - Mainline #2 "Elite Academy" | Episode Ten
Boys and girls of the eliteacademy are often depicted in these special schools of the fantastic and the paranormal in YAfiction0:00 Introduction0:23 What makes an "Elite Academy"1:12 Reference Plots2:32 Writing Tips5:13 Next Episode Preview
LGBT+ - Preparations and Themes | Episode Eleven
loveislove when writing stories for and about the LGBTplus community; accurate representations without overt stereotypes is the key to success0:00 Introduction0:18 When You Decide1:27 Questions You Should Ask2:17 Writing Tips3:26 Reference Plots5:14 Next Episode Preview
Stary Writing Academy III Recap | Episode Twelve
A summary of the entire course and information about the ongoing writingcontest focusing on the 4 main themes of girlpower ,billionaire ,YAfiction and LGBTplus0:00 Introduction0:17 Theme Summaries1:24 Things to Keep in Mind2:38 Achievements So Far3:10 About the Contest4:13 Get Certificate