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Stary Writing is a one-stop writing platform that combines writing, publishing, marketing, and book adapting.

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Stary Writing is a one-stop writing platform that combines writing, publishing, marketing, and book adapting.

100,000+ Writers25+ Languages300,000+ Original Stories130+ Countries100m+ Global UsersJoin us and live your dreams with storytelling.

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Become the Next Top Writer with Stary Writing! You can capture every spark with Stary Writing on PC or phone anywhere, anytime.

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    A Handy Writing Platform

    25+ languages supported; You can use PC or other mobile devices to write whenever you like, wherever you want.

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    Accurate Digital Marketing

    Stary will use big data to push your Story to precise readers via APP, social media, and advertisements to help you gain potential fans.

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    A Well-established Income System

    Stary offers writers various ways to profit from their stories. To name a few: contract, contest, pay-to-read, publication, adaptation, etc.

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    The Whole Writing Package

    From writing tips for beginners to advanced courses, you can find all you need in Stary Writing. After signing your Story, you will also get professional guidance from editors or business counselors to help boost your career.

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    A Brand-new Career Choice

    Not only can you have the chance to earn cash bonuses with writing, but you can also gain a stable income at home by joining our Stary Exclusive Writer program.

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    Infinite Possibilities

    Fame and fortune could be at your fingertips as your work could get published or adapted into audiobooks, graphic novels, AVG, or even a film.


“Dreame has always been my favorite online reading platform so it was a natural choice for me to choose Stary to write with.”

quirky.quinn is a mother, also a Stary Exclusive Writer. Her story, His Redemption, has won almost 100k votes in the Stary 3rd Anniversary.


“There are so many wonderful themes that we can choose from to write whatever story we would like. I am hoping to see many new, hidden, and talented authors join me again this time.”

Before being a writer, POOJA was just a student. During the pandemic, she has become a Stary Writer. And normally, she is a romance author most of the time. But that did not stop her first adventure fantasy story, Reborn in The World of the Undead, winning the second prize in the Stary Writing Academy II. Now she is doing her best for the Stary Writing Academy III.


"I've been with Dreame since the very start. I was there when Dreame started out as the sister app for ficfun and I'm ever so grateful. I've gained priceless fans, best supportive readers, a reliable source to support myself and my family."

Skylar is an undergraduate student from Mumbai, and she is also the author of The Unloved Mate. It is the first story she wrote, which has gained more than 5.8 million reads on Dreame. Now, this story has been adapted into an audiobook.


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